Review: The Murder of Adam and Eve by William Dietrich





Publisher: Burrows

Publishing Date: October 2014

ISBN: 9780990662105 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.7/5


Publisher Description:A forbidden island. An abandoned fort. A deserted village. A living gargoyle. And a time wormhole that catapults teen Nick Brynner and his companion Eleanor Terrell to prehistoric Africa to pass judgment on mankind. They must find and protect – or condemn – our genetic forebears, a real-life “Adam” and “Eve” to either preserve or reset the future. Nick must choose between wilderness, civilization, love, and humanity.

 Review: This started off pretty dam good. Nick trespasses on Goat Island, an abandoned military site, and vanishes only to return to a altered universe. A girl helps him escape this altered time and he is subsequently conscripted into finding Adam and Eve in Africa before an alien entity can destroy humanities parents. This was a really solid story-line coupled with very good writing. The world building spanned the galaxy and wended its way through the African plain, engaged in survival.

Some minor fall downs was the time spent in Africa. Nick and Ellie are trying to survive in a hostile environment while hoping to stumble upon our progenitors. This was a big departure from the initial ScFi themed story line. I was a bit disappointed in that yet some may find the shift engaging. Nick as a character is a tool. Every situation is either this outward sarcasm or inner dialogue that is pure glibness. If you want to be captured within the story-line as seen and experienced through the characters then there is no better way to lose interest than to have the main character make idle responses in EVERY dire circumstance.  A well written story with a lame main character that lost this novel an entire rating star.




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