Review: The Sunken, Engine Ward #1 by S C Green




Publisher: Grymm and Epic

Publishing Date: September 2014

ISBN: 9780473305581 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.6/5


Publisher Description: In the heart of London lies the Engine Ward, a district forged in coal and steam, where the great Engineering Sects vie for ultimate control of the country. For many, the Ward is a forbidding, desolate place, but for Nicholas Thorne, the Ward is a refuge. He has returned to London under a cloud of shadow to work for his childhood friend, the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 

Review: This was a really good steampunk alternate reality novel set in the late 19th century England, that combined dragons, flesh eating weirdo’s  and a vampire King.  The character development was exacting which was woven into a compelling story-line with plenty of movement.

The novel begins near the end, which I am usually not a fan of as it detracts from the story line. In this case it works. The three main characters back story’s are written really well and flows wonderfully into the present.   I was surprised that this was written by a woman as the perspectives within the novel are mainly male. I think a writer has truly arrived when they can write in any voice, especially male or female.

While the novel is lengthy, you really will not want it to end. Get this.



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