Review: Worlds by Joe Haldeman





Publisher: Open Road (Avon Books)

Publishing Date: 2014 (1990)

ISBN: 9781497692374 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.2/5


Publisher Description: By the close of the twenty-first century, almost half a million souls have already abandoned Earth to live in satellites orbiting the strife-ridden planet. Each of these forty-one Worlds is an independent entity boasting its own government and culture, yet each remains bound to the troubled home World by economic pressure. 

 Review: This was written a long time ago in a galaxy…. I got suckered into thinking this was Haldeman’s latest effort but on closer inspection was first published in 1990. There are so many reviews out there on this novel that I would be a drop in a bucket.  So to summarize: Heavy, heavy inner dialogue. Pages and pages of cultural and political world building. Pages and pages of opinions on the latter that make no difference to the plot. Good character development when focused in that direction. Heinlein-esque sexual encounters.

This novel could have trimmed quite a bit of the dialogue fat, built a competent and believable world without the endless political descriptions and upped the character intent to a focused end-game. As it was it was lengthy and sometimes tortuous reading.




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