Review: Brave Men Die by Dan Adams








Publisher: harper Collins

Publishing Date: December 2014

ISBN: 9781460703960 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.0/5


Publisher Description: Honour, glory and pride are the qualities brothers Castor and Pollox value above all else. But when war is declared, they have to fight in a battle that threatens to not just wound them physically, it could break them mentally as well. 

 Review: I didn’t really get into the writing style or the story line of this novel.  Its starts off with four or so bad magical dudes raiding a castle for an artifact. They basically slaughter a whole garrison of trained soldiers by flicking their wrists as they would a fly and sending bodies reeling or burning etc.  As every mini event unfolds there is the presence of this descriptive persona development that renders the story line mute.  For example, everyone that has a relevant stance within the movement has: “A smile flickering over lips”, “Raising an eyebrow”, “Lips formed a hard line”, ” A smile formed on his parched lips”, “He wore an infamous grin”, “Satisfied smile on his lips”, “Eyes gleaming in the flickering light”, “Eyes burning with ferocity”, “Eyes twitching”, “Hints of smiles upon their lips” etc. This occurs all within the first 5% of the novel.

You need some descriptive detail but not excessively mundane and obvious. Can the reader not draw their own conclusions by the assailants actions? The movement and action were good, its just spoiled by the  POV.  Aside from the latter, the magic is a bit overdone as well. If you have all this magic and can slay hundreds of soldiers and the true keeper of the One God, what’s the point? A little too easy IMO. 

I liked the cover art though.





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