Review: Dead Wrong by Richard Phillips



Publisher: 47 North

Publishing Date: January 2015

ISBN: 9781477825532 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.0/5


Publisher Description: Ex-CIA assassin Jack Gregory has been hired for a singular mission: to journey to South America and rescue an imprisoned shaman. Beloved by the struggling masses and feared by the ruling elite, shaman Tupac Inti is destined to unite Bolivia’s indigenous people and bring down the corrupt government. But Jack isn’t the only one trying to track down the shaman. For only Tupac knows the location of the immeasurably powerful Sun Staff, and both the National Security Agency and neo-Nazis are hot on his trail…and neither group plans to let him live.

Review: Well Jack is back doing jobs that pay well into Cayman accounts and venting his super human skills with a mind worm fastened to his limbic system. Did I get that right?  Janet comes along for the ride as well (snickering) only this time she is playing the long game (still snickering) where she has to pretend she’s a neo-Nazi torturer with a dancers body….”OH THE HUMANITY!!!”. 

I rated the first novel in this series pretty high, which was surprising when you read it. The errors in logic, the un-believability of, well, everything that the RIPPER DOES….er… doing ….um, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!. Take for instance Janet that is oh so hot, deadly, fast and lithe (all at once) who is able to kick a 7 foot tall psycho albino henchmen’s (insert cliché here) ass, with just her naked body (voluntarily strips).  I would laugh but I think the author is serious about getting a movie deal and who am I to trample dreams?

The novel starts out in prison where Jack, with red eyes glowing, takes out 4-6 neo-Nazi jail birds by generally rending flesh, popping eye balls and crushing skulls in less than a minute. Why? Because he’s da RIPPER! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! And of course we all hate Nazis so its a win win in terms of vile retribution. Jack and Jill….er Janet eventually hook up and as in the first novel, there is a spy within the upper ranks of the NSA that expedites the novel to its conclusion in a most convenient fashion. Deus X  to the rescue! Ho hum.

This novel is a “have no worries” kind of novel. It is glutted with action scenarios that showcase Jack and Janet’s skill as operatives in a make believe world set in Bolivia. Just read it, enjoy it and forget the absurdity of it all.




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