Review: The Last Tears of a Phoenix by J.P. Cianci





Publisher: Vook

Publishing Date: October 2014

ISBN: 9781634615495 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.6/5


Publisher Description: The night before Day’s eighteenth birthday, she investigates a curious phenomenon outside her village boundary. Every night for the last two months, a strange light shoots into the air with a soul-searing cry that sounds eerily human. When she discovers a young man setting himself on fire and reduced to golden ash, she knows this being belongs to the race of her enemy—but what she doesn’t understand is why he, or anyone else in his race, would self-immolate.  Her search for answers takes her on a wild adventure where she encounters new friends and a culture riddled with anomalies: emotion-obliterating Rebirths, tears that give life, and a self-healing population with inexplicable scars. 

 Review: This had a great story line and inventive ideas set in a dystopian future (earth). The characters were interesting and the visual elements vividly described. So why the middlin’ score? The writing showed a lack of experience in content. For instance, usually after the running dialogue between two people, it would end with something along the lines of “She said, He said, I ask, She replies, She says, etc.”. There is no need to run down a perfectly good interchange with pointed descriptors of who said what. We know. Hopefully readers can figure it out. It also expedites scene transitions without the effort needed to build a broader tapestry with movement.

Definitely for the YA reader what with the girl haytin’ and boy crushin’ (way over the top, IMO). Daya meets Dorian and immediately we have the flushing and blushing of cheeks and her rampant desire to jump his bones. FUG. Also the dreaded wuv triangle is in evidence throughout. 

Despite blemishing a good story line with the diminishment of a strong main character, I still found the plot compelling. I hope the author grows into her new found principle avocation. With some experience and effort, she might become a major force in the writing scene.




One thought on “Review: The Last Tears of a Phoenix by J.P. Cianci

  1. Thanks so much for the feedback! The second installment was made available last Saturday. If you’re interested in a free copy, I can gift it to you via Amazon. I just need an email address. If you’re interested you can email me at

    Thanks for reading and the honest feedback.

    -J.P. Cianci

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