Review: Going Gray by Brian Spangler





Publisher: Spangler

Publishing Date: July 2014

ISBN: 978149479798 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.0/5

Publisher Description: Emily wakes to find that her world has plummeted into darkness–the clouds have spilled out of the sky and taken the sun. And there is more to the mysterious fog–the mist is poison, killing everything in its path. Emily’s home is no match for the caustic fog, and her family is suddenly on the run for safety. But when she learns that the machines built to save the world could be the cause of the accident, Emily turns to her father, the original architect, with the hope that they can stop the environmental catastrophe.

Review: This really wasn’t in my wheelhouse throughout the entire novel. Kind of a retake on Stephen King’s “The Mist”. Lengthy escape from the “Outsiders” and her dads disappearance into the “Machine”. Not much to this novel. You can wait and get more of this really boring story line in subsequent novels.



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