Review: Strands of Sorrow by John Ringo



Publisher: Baen

Publishing Date: January 2015

ISBN: 9781476736952 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.0/5

Publisher Description: With the world consumed by a devastating plague that drives humans violently insane, what was once a band of desperate survivors bobbing on a dark Atlantic ocean has now become Wolf Squadron, the only hope for the salvation of the human race. Banding together with what remains of the U.S. Navy, Wolf Squadron, and its leader Steve Smith, not only plans to survive—he plans to retake the mainland from the infected, starting with North America.

Smith’s teenage daughters have become zombie hunters of unparalleled skill, both at land and on the sea, and they may hold the key to the rebirth of civilization on a devastated planet.

Review: 13 year old girl Marine second lieutenant zombie killer, check. 15 year old girl helicopter pilot, zombie killer, check.  Pink Abrahams tank, check.  Yah the shtick never leaves this series of novels. What surprised me in this installment was the lack of action and the MOUNTAIN of dialogue. If you are into how the military works, coordinates, plans and fights, then this is for you. The military naming conventions are numerous and infuse just about every page.

The novel only gets interesting at about the 90% mark where the sisters go in search of VPOTUS. I really liked that the author is starting to get his firearms shjt together, except for the dumb Saiga and I really loved the social commentary on politicians generally being fucktards. There is some movement in places but all of the action takes place in and around the DC area and Florida so the epic world building movement is gone.  This novel had its ups and downs in terms of dialogue and movement but was still conducted by an accomplished writer. I think he really needs better editing help in order to insure that his story line doesn’t get lost in his efforts to maintain military credibility.





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