Review: Test Of Magnitude by Andy Kasch



Publisher: Andy Kasch

Publishing Date: September 2014

ISBN: 9781492761785 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.8/5

Publisher Description: Welcome to the Tora star system, home of the spectacular Cardinal-4 space station overlooking Amulen and Banor, twin worlds that share the same orbit. One visit and you’ll understand why this station is the pinnacle of Torian achievement and a wonder of the Erobian Sphere. Brandon Foss, an unhappily married Virginian in his early thirties, awakes from a strange dream to discover he has been abducted from Earth and kept in cryonic preservation on Amulen for two decades. One other resuscitated human is with him, a knucklehead who almost seems as alien to Brandon as their reptilian captors. A friendship of convenience forms as the two Earthlings soon become unwittingly intertwined in Torian politics and military affairs–at a time, it turns out, when the Torians desperately need just such intertwining. 

Review: Are you fugging kidding me? This was so good I almost cried when it ended. I hate the author for making such a fantastic Scifi novel that I yearn for the next installment.  The only thing lacking was some alien on human “relations” which is always good for the show.  There are sequels titled  Flash Move and then Test of Fortitude.




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