Review: For We Are Many by Stuart Thaman



Publisher: Hydra

Publishing Date: August 2014

ISBN: 9780996086769 

Genre: Mystery/ Thriller

Rating: 2.0/5

Publisher Description: No one believes Fletcher Lee when he says he sees someone lurking in the shadows. Removed from his middle school for frightening the other children, 13 year old Fletcher is forced into psychotherapy where his visions are believed to be the result of a traumatic childhood experience. Pressured into reliving his worst nightmares, Fletcher’s torments grow until they can no longer be written off as mere hallucinations.

When Fletcher’s state deteriorates to the point of causing harm to his psychologist, Dr.Kendrick turns away from conventional medicine and discovers a much more troubling, supernatural answer. Without enough time to rescue Fletcher, Dr. Kendrick must make a choice: is she strong enough to risk her soul to find him?

Review:  This was a pretty long and drawn out story line that wasn’t all that interesting to me. The characters were very one dimensional and were given to stilted dialogue. The movement is fairly well done yet seems separate from the character development. There are instances of clarity when the “group” are in the void/purgatory/whatever and must confront their past choices/lives. The ending is abrupt and rather pointed in that you don’t really know if the priest is evil and why Fletcher’s church bus is being wrecked/attacked. Cue sequel. Overall….. meh.



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