Review: Empire by John Connolly, Jennifer Ridyard



Publisher: Atria

Publishing Date: February 2015

ISBN: 9781476757155 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.2/5

Publisher Description: Empire continues the journey of Syl and Paul as they fight to regain planet Earth from a ruthless alien species, in this next installment of a stunning new science fiction trilogy that “should not to be missed” (The Guardian).

Review: Syl is now residing with the sisterhood while seeking answers about an alien parasite that may infest the Illyri.  While the other gifted sisters develop their powers, Syl does so in secret, in order to hide her immense psychic ability. Meanwhile, her human love, Paul, is out there blasting space aliens light years away and generally being a swashbuckling mercenary and all that.

I didn’t want to like this novel, at all. Why? It started with a hiccup where the broad history of the Illyri is recounted along with humanities struggle under their yoke and the résistance therein. Also there is some stilted dialogue here and there, coupled with gurl cliques and constant shaming. Then this novel just takes off with great movement and unexpected turns. There are great alien life forms and the planets that house them. Mechanized androids (Mechs) that are self-aware that believe in a Creator. There is also an ancient race whose only mark of existence are the scattered and aging remains of monuments spread throughout the galaxies. New story line developments occur at a consistent clip as each scene shifts. Wormholes enable the story-line to move in fascinating directions with characters that continue to develop as new ones are added.  Really, a fantastic and entertaining read.



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