Review: This Is Your Destiny by Denise Grover Swank




Publisher: 47 North

Publishing Date: January 2015

ISBN: 9781477872086 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.0/5

Publisher Description: Collin Dailey is a trapped man: struggling to make a living as a fisherman, deep in debt to the gangster he does business with…and shackled to his destiny as a Curse Keeper. Sworn to guard the sealed portal to hell, Collin yearns to escape the dark duty that binds him. But his dream of outrunning his tormented life may be an impossible one. After all, he can’t turn his back on centuries of sacred tradition—or ignore his iron-fisted conjurer grandmother and her dire prophecies of a terrifying enemy bent on destroying him.

Review: This is a prequel to the Curse Keepers series. While very short in length, it is packed with really good writing and a great story line that is at once grounded in reality yet is able to express itself into other realms. This mixture of fleeting magic and ravaged emotions made this a really compelling read. My only reservation for this series is that it might become this stoopid burgeoning love story between Ellie and Collin who are seemingly on opposing sides. But I am sure I will have my wishes trampled on.




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