Review: Becoming Queen by Michelle Murrain



Publisher: Ursa Minor

Publishing Date: May 2015

ISBN: 9781301839407 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.0/5

Publisher Description: Tomboy 19-year-old Daneli doesn’t get along with her mother. She’d rather be riding her horse or perfecting her archery skills than wearing finery and ordering servants around. But as the eldest daughter of House Trageri, Daneli inherits long-standing tensions and a seemingly impossible mission: to create peace between her cooperative, matriarchal nation and the violent, fiercely hierarchical patriarchy to the north.

Review: <zzzzzz,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz> Wha? Oh, yeah gotta review this….zzzzzzzzzz.  You ever have a vivid dream in which the clarity is astounding and you fall asleep within your dream and are cognizant of doing so? This is the same experience only there is no clarity and visual alertness as all is mired in trenchant dialogue of the highest order.

Poor Deneli, no one understands her, least of all her overbearing mother. She has everything a future queen could want but is never happy with anything or any circumstance. She has these “Gifts” that everyone seems to have but no one wants to recognize as to bring death to their doorstep in the form a distant King whom has no real authority over Deneli and her realm. Except to threaten war.  Deneli likes girls and this is somehow a big deal but who really cares. The end.

The pace is exceptionally slow and the dialogue even slower. Most of the novel is mired in political world building and social structure. The only thing of note that happens is that the Queen is assassinated and Denali gets blamed for it. But everyone wuvs her so and the case is dismissed.  This was misrepresented by the publisher as being Fantasy when it should have been in the Gay/Lesbian genre. 







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