Review: The Burden of Memory by Welcome Cole



Publisher: Caelstone Press

Publishing Date: December 2014

ISBN: 9780989242981 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: DNF

Publisher Description:Volume II of the Blood Caeyl Memories begins where The Pleasure of Memory leaves off. A coalition of witches and warriors, mages and mentalists, soldiers and pirates abandon their mutual suspicions to form a League of Enemies and unite against an otherworldly threat. Driven by forces far older and more powerful than themselves, these natural enemies come together to form an improbable alliance.

Review: Sadly another one that I couldn’t wade through. Story line all over the place coupled with frenetic dialogue. Maybe I do the author a disservice having not read the first installment.  




3 thoughts on “Review: The Burden of Memory by Welcome Cole

  1. Hello,

    I don’t usually reply to negative reviews (The Burden of Memory). In fact, this is the first time I have ever done so. But I felt obliged to say that you do an author a grave disservice by slapping a negative review after reading ONLY the second volume of a three volume series. Of course the story appears “all over the place” if you don’t know the story to begin with. This is a complex story and one not intended to be a standalone novel.

    I would ask you most sincerely to refrain from reviewing other authors works when they are part of a series that you’re inexplicably opting only to read the middle volume.

    Thank you,
    Welcome Cole

    • It is not a negative review. And I quote “Perhaps I do the author a disservice….”. I own up to my shortcomings with regard to reviews that receive a DNF. It is merely a commentary on what is before me while recognizing that there was/is a broader tapestry that I missed. Usually authors that feel I have missed the mark provide the other novels for review so I have their full concert for discernment.

      • I appreciate your thoughtful response. I would only implore you to resist giving a significantly negative review under such a circumstance to other authors. If you felt you may have been doing the author a disservice by not reading the stories in sequence, I would suggest that, ethically, it would be best to withhold the review until such time as you feel confident you’re presenting a fair critique. I don’t care about my review specifically because my professional grade reviews have been stellar. But for struggling authors who may be misrepresented by such a review, that single star will drag them down for perpetuity.

        Again, thank you for your response. I wish you a long and prosperous life.


        Welcome Cole

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