Review: A New Day in America by Theo Gangi



Publisher: Full Fathom Five

Publishing Date: January 2015

ISBN: 9781633700307 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.2/5

Publisher Description:Former Special Forces operator Nostradamus Greene lost his wife and teenaged sons. Now he struggles to keep his young daughter safe, waging war against desperate scavengers, rabid for any food they can find or steal. With only so much to go around, Nos and Naomi fight and scrap to survive the biological Armageddon. Each day brings new danger to their reinforced door. But when Nos hesitates in killing a pair of raiding brothers, Naomi is attacked and exposed to the virus.

Review: This was a pretty damn good post-apocalyptic novel. Fast pace, good character development and an engaging story line. The only downer for me was the absurdity that paper money is still relevant as an item of exchange for tangible assets. Just didn’t work. I think it was used as a convenience to expedite the story line rather than build the necessary scenes to accommodate barter.

Nos was a great character whom you have to just go with on these incredible forays into bloodshed against overwhelming odds. Just forget the non-reality of it and have some fuggin’ fun once in your life. Naomi was the most interesting characters of all. Knives, pitbulls, attitude, intelligence and did I say hot? She should have a novel of her own. You hearin’ me Theo?




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