Review: The Impossible Race by Chad Morris



Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Publishing Date: March 2015

ISBN: 9781609079796

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.4/5

Publisher Description:Every year the futuristic school, Cragbridge Hall, holds its most popular tournament–the Race: a series of challenges that range throughout the school and require the use of its amazing inventions like its holographic time machine! But this year is different. Rather than a monetary or academic reward, this year’s winner will be the recipient of a carefully guarded school secret: a secret that could prove both powerful and dangerous.

Review: This was really, really, really built for the YA although I have a hard time envisioning my 13 year old niece getting into it.  The characters were fairly one dimensional which is odd as the novel has really good movement. The characters just don’t seem to grow along with the story lines development. The dialogue was average trending to the mundane whenever “Super Funny Hip Flirty Gal” Carol, opened up her big inappropriate yapper in an attempt to provide levity to tense situations. I was cringing every time she inserted her viewpoint which was supposed to be funny but came off as contrived. Just let the situation develop and let the reader make the judgment call. 

I still liked the writing and the creativeness of the situations but the whole thing just tended to drag on.



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