Review: Myth and Incarnation by K. Scott Lewis



Publisher: K. Scott Lewis

Publishing Date: October 2014

ISBN: 9781502529534

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.3/5

Publisher Description: The High Wizard sends a disowned paladin into the world to search for the prophesied Champion, the only one who can slay the Black Dragon. The paladin finds three potentials, the unlikely emissaries of the good Archdragons: an expelled student of magic, an exiled witch, and an outcast demon hunter. Together with a turncoat sorceress, they join the crew of the notorious pirate ship Siren’s Call as they chase rumors of the return of dragons and sorcerers.

Review: If any publishers are out there reading this review you seriously need to sign this author to a real deal.  Ok, review time. Fug was this good. When I started this, I thought “Oh shjt, The Hobbit meets Gryffindor meets Liberace with a lengthy preface, lots of places and names blah, blah, blah”. Then the story line starts immediately drawing you in with solid character development that evokes emotive content through great movement.  This is a very long novel and will take even the “flippers” among us, a while to finish.

The three wizards whom are Avatars of dragons are really kind of boring in presentation. The secondary characters steal the show by providing movement coupled with personality that captures your attention. There are some story-line parallels that the author draws from. For instance, the Paladin tosses out the money changers in the Church of the Gods (Jesus referent). Klrain the black dragon is the embodiment of evil who has fallen from grace or the light (Lucifer) and Kaldor represents the Light as he tries to reason with him (Michael the Archangel). There is some Buddhism thrown in with “The here and now” referents, along with the “I AM” and letting go of ego. A real melting pot of ideas bent to story form.  Mr. Tolle would be proud.

A heads up to readers. This was really, really gay. So much so gay that the author has to be gay in order to write it. This should have been in the LGBT genre. Two elves get the hot’s for the Paladin and while he bangs the female elf in a drunken one nighter, he loves the male elf and they hook up, over and over……graphically. The Paladin eventually has a three way with a male succubus and a female darkling in another drunken stupor as part of a plot by the darkling to get pregnant and rule Artalon. 

This novel has it all; Plot twists, humping elves, trolls, dwarves, druids, wizards, sorcerers, shape shifting, dragons, mildly evil selkies, good and bad darklings, sea adventures, love triangles, air adventures, lost cities, dark caverns, volcanos, time travel, revenants and other worlds.  Really mind boggling as to the amount of world building effort that this novel encompasses. Get it, have fun and watch the bed sores.






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