Review: Purenet by HJLawson


Publisher: HJLawson

Publishing Date: March 2015

ISBN: 9781505665017 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.7/5

Publisher Description: Purenet is one of six wealthy Sanctions, formed by the Emperor and the Untouchables after a devastating world war.Only those born in Purenet have the privilege of living under the dome, protecting their bodies from the sun’s deadly UVA rays. Skylier is desperate to escape her underground confines and save her mother’s life.

Review: The length of this verges on being a novella and is usually a little harder to review and rate due to either scene compression or a vagueness in story line. What suffers in these instances is character development. Most reviewers that did not like this novella said that it lacked depth. That tends to occur when authors plan to serialize their works and rush the movement from book to book.

I found this story and the characters entirely engaging  as the author did a great job developing characters along with the movement, even though the scenes were a bit compressed. If you can accept the work as it was intended, short and to the point, then YA dystopia is rendered more enjoyable than it usually is.  There are some instances that seem out of place like Skylier’s wuv fascinations and “Electric jolts” every time she sees and touches hunky Hayden when in the midst of intense action and charred corpses. Then she later goes on to say that “this is not the time for that” when Hayden and Lowell fight and bicker over her. Then there is the way over done “Mr. Evil Xander”. This character was a little over the top and not believable at all.

I am going to go out on a limb and give this a good rating as  I usually only give good novellas a maximum of 3 stars due to the compressed nature of the story line. Lets hope the successive installments don’t get mired in love triangles and mewling bazi.






One thought on “Review: Purenet by HJLawson

  1. Thank you for the review, don’t worry no love triangle or crying Bazi in the next book.

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