Review: First Activation by the Wearmouths




Publisher: 47 North

Publishing Date: March 2015

ISBN: 9781477824849 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.0/5

Publisher Description:

Brothers Harry and Jack leave Manchester for New York City for their annual weekend getaway. But upon arrival, they find a silent, deserted JFK, where the few ground crew they can spot have all been slaughtered. Harry and Jack are military veterans, but they’ve never encountered anything like this. As they witness the carnage and stumble across murderous madmen in a post-apocalyptic New York City, it becomes clear that escape is the only option.

Review: One of the best post-apoc novels I have read in awhile. Good pace, character development and creative plot.  The idea that millions if not billions of people around the world have been programed to first kill one person then themselves by an electronic array is brilliant.

Harry and Jack are minding their own business until their  plane touches down in New York and view a panorama of senseless slaughter. They set off to find help and soon discover that people are killing others, and once the job is done, stop at nothing to kill themselves. They eventually make their way to the country side and discover a plot to rid the world of excessive over population.

Harry and Jack make a great dysfunctional duo. Where Harry is level headed, Jack is hot-headed and given to fits of rage. I found this to be a good balance as the story developed. Lea is the good lookin’ lesbian that so many authors are inserting into their novels these days. Pretty standard character that fell a little flat. Jerry is funnier than shjt even though he is the enemy and a scumbag to boot.

There were some minor fall downs with regard to firearms use and logic. In one scene a killer shows up in response to loud music. Lea’s partner is killed (Chris) and Harry picks up the revolver and checks that it is empty and throws it back in the car. Another killer shows up (a girl) and retrieves Chris’s revolver and lies in wait. When another killer shows up she shoots the man in the shoulder, he kills her and after fiddling with the gun, kills himself. So we have one empty revolver able to fire rounds that “probably had a stoppage in the chamber”. Besides the mystery rounds how does a revolver get a stoppage in the chamber when each bullet has its own chamber? I can see a semi-auto getting a stovepipe or a hung round on the feed ramp, or even not seating properly due to an error in sizing the brass but not in a revolver.

I imagine there will be a “Second Activation” novel as the ending lacked resolution.






2 thoughts on “Review: First Activation by the Wearmouths

  1. Thank you for reviewing First Activation. I had a meeting with the publisher yesterday and they told me the book was on Net Galley. After searching on google, as I was unsure what it meant, this page popped up. I’d be happy to send you an ARC for the sequel if you would like to read it? I’m also going back to review the scene involving the death of Chris.

    Best regards,

    • Hey thanks for never sending the sequel and the signed copy as promised. Like everyone else, get what you want and drop promises like a dirty shirt.

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