Review: Second Activation by the Wearmouths


Publisher: 47 North

Publishing Date: April 2015

ISBN: 9781501236853

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.1/5

Publisher Description:In Second Activation, the two brothers escape from Monroe, Michigan, and head for New York to face down Genesis Alliance, a despotic organization that is implementing the chaos to create a new order. Caught in a race against time, confronted with a local team intent on revenge and expecting the imminent arrival of a larger reinforcement, Harry and Jack must avoid existing dangers, gain allies, and stop the Alliance from launching its next Activation.

Review: This is a really good sequel that follows Harry and Jack as they seek to stop GA from being generally dodgy. What I really like about this series is not only the plausibility but the causal results of this disaster. People that survive build their own belief systems based on a lack of outside knowledge and are able to adjust as events unfold.  The turns in this novel are many. Just when you think they have it planned and going in their direction. Bang! Disruptions and a change of plans on the fly.  

A real solid second installment in this series.




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