Review: The Harvesters by Anthony Sparrow




Publisher: Troubador

Publishing Date: February 2015

ISBN: 9781784628222 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.5/5

Publisher Description: A race of parasitic alien humanoids have been harvesting the human populace covertly as fodder for centuries, sharing the solar system undetected. Until the year 2137, when their primary food source becomes harder to obtain unobserved…

Review: This started out with “Whaaaaaaaa!!!?”. Aliens that come down and harvest people with freaky techno, fug yeah! And then <Back to the Future>, with endlessly boring dialogue, contrived techno/mining blah and more politico dialogue. The movement is sporadic and fails to entertain as the characters are static most of the time. This was so close to being da shjt. Too bad, really.




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