Review: The Warlocks Friend: The Crystal Spears by Dean C. Moore





Publisher:  Moore

Publishing Date: March 2014

ISBN: 9781500990169 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.0/5

Publisher Description: A hunter who even witches are scared of, a witch who excels at city magic, and a young boy who may be more powerful than the other two if he can just learn to martial his mind are the unlikely accomplices in a trek across time and space.

Review: The cover art is relentlessly bad and will keep you up at night. I requested this novel due to the rave reviews it garnered on Goodreads. Maybe I am some malcontent residing at the fringes of society. Just this big ole hating machine thumping on the insecure and feckless.  Man this novel was all over the fugging place. At once inventive, creative and prosaic coupled with weak scene and character development, scattered progression, grammatical and spelling errors and a lot of “How did I get here?” moments. While the movement was there in spades, it shadowed any sincere character development that may have burgeoned along the way.

We are left with one dimensional characters that seem to have no compassion other than what their immediate needs are (sex, killing beasties, sex etc.). They lack any real morals and could give a shite about those around them. Really bizarre behavior for traveling companions in constant life or death situations.

This novel needs a BIG LOGIC reset button on the cover in order to tone it down so that it makes sense to the reader. Then you would have a really good story line. As it is a long read, if you get halfway through it you mays well finish. Much like watching those newscasters faint on TV. Kind of scary but you laugh at their misfortune.





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