Review: The Broken Sword by Molly Cochran


Publisher: TKA

Publishing Date: January 2015

ISBN: 9781942356004 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.4/5

Publisher Description: No matter how far Arthur Blessing runs, he can’t elude destiny. As the reincarnation of legendary King Arthur, he is the rightful protector of the most powerful relics in the world–the Holy Grail and the sword Excalibur. And he is bound to use those tools to keep war and chaos at bay – ushering in a new era of justice, peace, and freedom.

Review: This was a pretty entertaining read. The only portions that slowed the movement down was the unnecessary back story on some of the characters. For example while Merlin’s beginnings through to his life on Mona is relevant, Kate’s life as a love thing for Aubrey is boring and excessive.

Generally, the character development was pretty good due to the copious movement and constant scene shifting. The authors do a good job of involving the reader even when some characters play bit roles. The scenes are vividly described and engaging. The big problem is that every instance and I mean EVERY instance is fraught with Deus Ex Machina. I get that there is the hidden hand of something drawing everyone and everything together in a cumulative effort to thwart evil or “Begin a New Cycle”, but it just gets a little too convenient in every scene in order to expedite the story line. 

This is a pretty long novel, so sit tight and don’t expect too much.





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