Review: The Dragons of Dorcastle by Jack Campbell



Publisher: Jabwerwokky

Publishing Date: April 2015

ISBN: 9781625671196 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.9/5

Publisher Description: Mari is a brilliant young Mechanic, just out of the Guild Halls, where she has spent most of her life learning how to run the steam locomotives and other devices of her Guild. Alain is the youngest Mage ever to learn how to change the world he sees with the power of his mind. Each has been taught that the works of the other’s Guild are frauds. But when their caravan is destroyed, they begin to discover how much has been kept from them.

Review: This novel surprised me in it’s plot line due to the nature of mixing genres. Mari and her Guild evoke the 1800’s Steampunk era and Alain is a sorcerer of a sorts. A kind of science vs. magic premise. They are thrown together due to the separate machinations of their respective guilds and build a forbidden relationship.

This was an entertaining read as the story line pulls you in. The characters….meh. Mari is entirely self-absorbed based on her endless internal ruminations and you never really get to develop any connection to her as everything always works out for her. Saved by Alain at every turn she soon discovers deeper feelings for this unemotional oddity called Alain. The pace/movement was good yet failed to develop the characters in any meaningful way. Alain developed a little because he had to. The only way for him is UP, as he was stripped of all humanity within the Mage Guild.  Still, a pretty creative plot.





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