Review: Finches of Mars by Brian Aldiss



Publisher: Open Road

Publishing Date: August 2015

ISBN: 9781504005890 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: DNF

Publisher Description: Doomed by overpopulation, irreversible environmental degradation, and never-ending war, Earth has become a fetid swamp. For many, Mars represents humankind’s last hope. In six tightly clustered towers on the red planet’s surface, the colonists who have escaped their dying home world are attempting to make a new life unencumbered by the corrupting influences of politics, art, and religion.

Review: I jumped at the chance to read a new work from Brian Aldiss coupled with my favorite publishing house. This was sadly disappointing. Akin to one big jumbled literary dump, Finches Of Mars is often times a schizophrenic foray into the memoirs of a depleted mind. It was so scrambled and heaped with non-relevant story line information that I quickly lost interest in the characters, world building and the plot.



2 thoughts on “Review: Finches of Mars by Brian Aldiss

  1. I love Brian Aldiss… it is a crying shame that he has said this is his last work. It should have clocked in at the page lengths of his heyday — 180-200 pages! But, at least he was incredibly prolific so there’s tons of back catalogue worth reading and rereading.

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