Review: Archimedes Nesselrode by Justine Graykin




Publisher: Double Dragon

Publishing Date: October 2013

ISBN: 9781771151306

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.3/5

Publisher Description: Archimedes Nesselrode is an artist who “makes things”–no one knows how–whimsical delights encased in plastic cubes which vanish when opened. 

Review: A novel most Victorian in presentation yet fairly light.  There is a budding romance, a jilted opera star, weird manifestations and an absent minded other-worldly magician. The characters are fairly well built yet remain one dimensional as the story line progresses.

The movement is a bit slow and tends to revolve around Archimedes and Vivian’s feelings about each other and their respective predicaments.  As a love story it is kind of weak in that Archimedes can never consummate his marriage with Vivian as he will lose his ability to create. She goes along with this idea which is no surprise as her character embraces many aspects of a nun spinster.  Archimedes embodies the personality of an inverted gay dormouse, constantly crying or exuberantly fluttering about. Its no small wonder that they only share fleeting kisses and promises of eternal love.

The creative aspects of the story line are very well done. A basilisk, a group of marmosets, a flying snake, giant spider, heron, a bat vole thing, a vibrant lobster, giant starfish, a tiny Bishop and an assembly of cats etc. round out and interesting ensemble.




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