Review: Barry vs. The Apocalypse by Ross Cavins



Publisher: Ross Cavins

Publishing Date: April 2015

ISBN: 9780982772058 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.2/5

Publisher Description: Introducing Barry Glick, a middle-aged Superhero with Super-Speed, Super-Strength, and a mullet. He thought he’d retired twenty years ago …

Review: First off, this author should have a full publishing deal. The mounds of crap I have read in the last year by “published” authors fails in comparison to a lot of Indie authors out there. 

This was a short but fun ride. Really good character development coupled to constant movement. Barry is a slovenly half breed superhero who reluctantly goes into action at the urging of his childhood friends, Gordon and Kimmy. Hannah is a great addition that should get more play as the series progresses.

Barry’s libido is always evident as are his rebuffs from a plethora of pretty women. He’s at once crass, lovable, frustrating, dimwitted, intelligent and pithy. A great character that never takes himself seriously so neither should you.  Looking forward to the series next installment as he continues to battle the Anunnaki  for the world.



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