Review: House of the Last Man On Earth by R.B. Marcus



Publisher: Mockingbird

Publishing Date: May 2015

ISBN: 9781634158299 

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.4/5

Publisher Description: Convinced that his bizarre neighbor might be a part of a hostile alien agenda, college student Richard Johnson, along with his mathematics teacher and her brother, embark upon a soaring and treacherous journey through light-years of space and thousands of years of time to discover a terrible truth — mankind is being slowly and systematically exterminated.

Review: This novel had promise. Initially there was good movement, interesting characters and a good SciFi storyline ready to transport your imagination. Then the pace really drops off with Richard going back and forth through time in a befuddled state of wonder. Meanwhile his alien neighbor is trying to kill him with flying piranhas (or is he?), as he contrives to mess with human genetics.  

To make it semi-interesting, a hottie PhD candidate named Mrs. Summer Jacklyn is inserted into the story line as a feisty love interest to counter Richards cloying and insufferable demeanor.   Why Summer would ever consider Richard a partner is laughable. He is at once lacking in moral regard as evidenced by the slut shaming of his ex in order to take her Porsche. He wobbles in and out of inner turmoil and lassitude with this constant over-riding fixation on hooking up with Summer. His self-esteem scrapes the pavement yet he will turn on a dime to further his own interests. Psychologists might develop a new term to describe his malady. Something like “inferior egocentric priapism”. 

I really wished this novel would have taken a shit or gotten off the pot. Instead it exists in this narrative limbo, ping ponging back and forth through time without any real meaty events to garner interest. It attempts to be serious but really never reaches the core of what SciFi is about as it wanders in and out of glibness in tense situations. In the end you will not give a shjt about the characters or their “dire” circumstances as they are not developed along with the movement. Just the clenching of teeth, flashing of eyes and the ever redundant phrasing of he or she: “speaking/said/whispered/asked/replied/growled/repeated, softly”.

The foray into the future for an extended period does not exemplify cogent processes. When attacked by galactic invaders they all of a sudden find themselves stranded on a methane moon trying to fix their anti-matter drive. They are subsequently attacked by shadow beings and Mrs. Hottie loses consciousness. Yay. During this attack she plays the femme fatale with “Oh save me, I don’t want to die!!”. Then she becomes a martial arts expert AND just so happens to be an expert marksman with EVERY gun. She coincidentally has an apartment stuffed with enough firepower to outfit a SWAT team as well. Huh? So Ricardo Douche-Man gets a Glock 22 and leaves the safety on as he was a Marine and all. Only Glocks don’t have an external safety. Just pull the trigger and it fires.

Read this while trapping raccoons in your backyard.  


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