Review: Secret Samurai: Book Two by Jill Rutherford


Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

Publishing Date: March 2015

ISBN: 9781784629571

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: DNF

Publisher Description: This is the second book in the Secret Samurai time-slip romantic adventure trilogy. The excitement and intrigue mount as we continue to follow the intermingling lives of Bebe, Kenji, Kai and Yoshi.
Bebe struggles to control her two lives; her own in modern Japan and the other she lives in the mind of Kai Matsuda, a samurai involved in the civil war of the 1860’s which ended the samurai system and gave birth to modern Japan. 

Review: Meh. Great idea, good world building and some great characters until you get to Bebe. She just ruins the whole story line with her whining and insta-love personality. Strange attempt at a romance novel when the main character lacks a backbone.




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