Review: The Battle for Oz by Jeyna Grace


Publisher: Inkshares

Publishing Date: September 2015

ISBN: 9781941758311

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.1/5

Publisher Description: When a foreign queen invades Oz and steals its citizens’ magic, the land turns to someone who has aided them before: Dorothy. But the silver-slippered girl has grown up, and in her years away from Oz the game has changed. So, in order to defeat this new and unfamiliar enemy, Dorothy seeks the aid of Alice, a legendary woman who once famously defeated a queen. 

Review: This was a very creative and inventive novella.  The characters were fairly one dimensional due to the abbreviated structure. I would have liked to have read a full length version of this story line with well built characters evolving around a  manifestation of evil. The world building could have been epic as well.

Still, a promising talent.



One thought on “Review: The Battle for Oz by Jeyna Grace

  1. They say authors should never respond to reviews, but having stumbled upon this, I at least have to say thank you. So, thank you 🙂

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