A City Called Smoke by Justin Woolley



Publisher: Momentum

Publishing Date: July 2015

ISBN: 9781760082475

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 4.2/5

Publisher Description: The Diggers have been destroyed, a horde of ghouls is moving inland and the High Priestess has seized control of the Central Territory. Together with Nim, a Nomad boy seeking vengeance against the ghouls, Squid and Lynn begin their long journey toward the city of Big Smoke, a city that may not even exist.

Review: This was a really well done novel in terms of character development coupled to intense movement of the story line. 

The ghouls (zombies) are on the move and have killed the Central Territories line of defense, the Diggers. A religious cult that was formed when the outbreak first occurred, hundreds of years ago, has seized control. Two young soldiers have been banished for political reasons and seek a cure or a way to destroy the ghouls.

I really liked the authors scene progression. These “mini epics” were solidly built and flowed with the overall world building. For instance the sky pirates with their own set of codes and hierarchy could have stood alone as its own novel.

The ending is abrupt, leaves you hanging and might just make you yearn for the conclusion.




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