Review: The Hidden and the Maiden by Eben Mishkin



Publisher: CreateSpace

Publishing Date: March 2015

ISBN: 9781506119601

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.0/5

Publisher Description: A wizard’s failed apprentice and a self-doubting medium embark on a race against time in Eben Mishkin’s fantastical debut, The Hidden and the Maiden.

Review: A kind of convoluted and bizarre take on the afterlife and the Gods and Ghosts that inhabit alternate realms. 

The God of Death, Kherty-Aken (sp) is summoned by a human that stumbles upon an old wizards cache of herbal goop, which he quickly ingests. Now that he has power over Death he gets busy controlling ghosts and making a tidy prophet as a medium of sorts. Meanwhile, Zephyr’s plight as a schizophrenic and James’ derailed attempts at wizardry are told in parallel. They somehow stumble into believing that ghosts are real and the threat to humanity, all-pervasive. If you can get past that crumbling premise, then the novel works in a way that confounds.

The story-line remains consistent even when the scenes reach fantastical heights. The characters are well developed with the Ghosts stealing the show. Especially JJ. She has this divine sense of the acerbic and the rhetoric is constant.

Mishkin is a talented writer that will only get better. Here’s to hoping that he does (get better) and continues to do so (write). 


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