Review: The End of the World is Rye by Brett Cottrell


Publisher: Rosarium

Publishing Date: June 2015

ISBN: 9780990319108

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5

Publisher Description: What would you do for the perfect sandwich? Kill? Die? Well, if you were a rogue angel, you might cause the Apocalypse. And it looks like that’s just what this darkly funny fantasy’s rogue angel is about to do when he lands in a polygamist cult in Utah. Now it’s up to the rest of God’s divine posse, including Jesus and Lucifer, to save all of existence from certain destruction.

Review: The title should have been….”on Rye”, but don’t want to give it all away. lol. This was a real entertaining and provocative novel. It really gets you thinking about all things biblical and why the author has his own set of unique perspectives on, well, everything. His delivery is at once satirical and verging on the sardonic.

I enjoyed the authors witticisms, especially between Leviticus, the Devil and Jesus. Really an excellent novel with great movement coupled to a multitude of interesting characters .GET IT!




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