Review: DeadLands: Ghostwalkers by Jonathan Maberry



Publisher: Tor/Forge

Publishing Date: September 2015

ISBN: 9780765375261

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.6/5

Publisher Description: Welcome to the Deadlands, where steely-eyed gunfighters rub shoulders with mad scientists and dark, unnatural forces. Where the Great Quake of 1868 has shattered California into a labyrinth of sea-flooded caverns . . . and a mysterious substance called “ghost rock” fuels exotic steampunk inventions as well as plenty of bloodshed and flying bullets.

Review: This is my first foray into this prolific author’s world(s). The cover as well as the content are reminiscent of the Pulp Fiction genre only with a fantastical twist. The plot chugs along with constant action, not too deft repartee between the Grey Torrance and his sidekick, Tonto…, Looks Away. As they move through the story line there is a constant running dialogue on the who’s, why’s and how’s of Ghost Rock.

The characters were fairly one dimensional, what with all the crazy fight scenes and creatures running about who has the time to develop any depth? Looks Away has a high English accent because he left for Europe when he was 20, which would never impart an accent unless you’re Madonna. Jenny is all spit and vinegar but hotter than a half-fugged fox in a February forest fire. Grey bangs her, of course, but its a sweet banging. 

I enjoyed the frivolousness of it and yet despised the constant Deus ex machina in almost every scene. Just when you think they are all done for, there is some miraculous event that saves them all.  Grey is really into constantly bullying Looks Away and all the bad people are white, the good people are Spanish, Black or Indian and guns are bad etc.

Read this at your wife’s sisters engagement party… a dark corner…with a cigar… and a Crown & Coke.





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