Review: Hunter by Mercedes Lackey


Publisher: Hyperion/Disney

Publishing Date: September 2015

ISBN: 9781484707845

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.0/5

Publisher Description: Long ago, the barriers between our world and the Otherworld were ripped open, and it’s taken centuries to bring back civilization in the wake. Now, the luckiest Cits live in enclosed communities,behind walls that keep them safe from the hideous monsters fighting to break through. Others are not so lucky. To Joyeaux Charmand, who has been a Hunter in her tight-knit mountain community since she was a child, every Cit without magic deserves her protection from dangerous Othersiders. Then she is called to Apex City, where the best Hunters are kept to protect the most important people. 

Review: Wow, this was really, really bad. If you can wade through the pages and pages of info-dumping it gets worse as it soon becomes evident that Joyeaux (you can call her Joy) is super speshul.  As Joy begins her new life as a Hunter in Apex city it becomes quickly apparent that not only is she super gifted but has no idea that she is hot looking and super centered with wisdom-y stuff. She quickly gets into insta-love with a Psimon and handles a big bully multiple times while pulling every ones shjt out of the deus ex machina fire.

Joy is constantly tired, hungry and innocent. She helps everyone and constantly parallels her current situation to her life in the mountains (more info dumping) where the super secret monks train hunters. She is always shocked how great people think she is and how she manages to kill beasts that no one has ever faced nor would they want to. She eventually becomes an Elite Hunter (of fugging course) and all the magical beasts want to join her pack cause she is so cool and good and innocent and talented and brave and understanding and courageous and hot and …….arrrghhhh!!

Fug this book.





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