Review: Man Made Murder by Z. Rider



Publisher: Darkride

Publishing Date: October 2015

ISBN: 9781942234036

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.0/5

Publisher Description: When guitarist Dean Thibodeaux tries to score weed the night before his band goes on tour, the deal ends in a brutal attack he wasn’t supposed to survive. Stiff, bloody, sore—but alive—he boards the bus with his band, determined to keep the one thing that’s important in his life on track. Carl Delacroix failed his sister. And in the dead of night, with a gun in his waistband and nothing left to lose, he fails her again: his hesitation lets her killer get away. Short on sleep, short on cash, and determined not to make a trifecta out of his failure, he takes off after her attacker. And finds himself following a tour bus.

Review: At a risk of getting staked through the heart by Rider fans everywhere, I found this novel boring as Fug. The story line and plot is a lengthy and drawn out mélange of “Carl in self-recrimination/revenge mode and biting biker vampires chasing an emo guitarist”. Fug. Page after page of the same stuff from scene to scene.  The real downer about this novel is that just when the movement kicks into high gear it suddenly stops, and the heavy loading of internal dialogue begins.

While the writing was very good, technically, the characters muddled around in a very limited world and failed to capture any sympathy due to their development relying on the reveal of their internal monologues. The ending is a movie cliché that makes room for the next novel in the series.

Read this on a bus headed to Scranton while sitting next to an old man that smells of old tobacco and Brylcreem.




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