Review: Paladin by Sally Slater



Publisher: Perfect Analogy

Publishing Date: may 2015

ISBN: 9780989463324

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.4/5

Publisher Description: Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam of Haywood is the most promising Paladin trainee in the kingdom of Thule… and knows it. The only problem is that Sam is really Lady Samantha, daughter of the seventeenth Duke of Haywood, and if her father has his way, she’ll be marrying a Paladin, not becoming one.

Review: Since I am late to the party on this one, I will say that the reviews are all over the place and most of them are contradictory. I think that’s a good thing. It means the author is polishing her skill set and touching off various reactions to her work.

For kind of a YA themed novel, I liked it. Yeah some of the characters lacked depth, there’s an annoying demon-love thang, a ridiculous premise that no one in a martial training camp can tell that Sam is a woman, most of the fight scenes don’t make logical sense, Tristan all of a sudden has the hots for her when he finds out she isn’t a boy, the idea that a 16 year old girl can best people that are bigger and faster and as equally skilled is a joke. 

I liked that Sam was all spit and vinegar and could wield a sword while being conflicted. This novel sets up for high adventure with the demon boy and duchess of Haywood crossing the high seas. There are some unresolved instances about her mother that I am curious about as well.  




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