Inkling by John D. Waterman


Publisher: Dennett Ink

Publishing Date: April 2013

ISBN: 9780983163633

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.8/5

Publisher Description: A science fiction tale, set on a nondescript planet, where our hero, Gyro, goes looking for a job and ends up on a galactic transport to a mining planet. A distortion in the hyperspace jump throws the spacecraft far off-course, and a mutiny threatens survival for all the passengers and crew, while their food supply runs out.

Review: This read more like a novella with a compacted story-line and limited character development. What little we get from the characters is still good. I think if this novel had been expanded to include the authors Universe (that we know nothing about) and less time spent on Skoots’ libido this would have been a winner.

This novella is a really good start to an expansive SciFi novel. What we got was a stilted plot and an abrupt ending that moves years into the future where the characters end up in life. Borrrring. Why not have the story of Gyro as a guy escaping a fractured marriage to train as a miner in some distant galaxy. Then throw in some threatening aliens in a fringe mining sector, a big secret that Gyro uncovers in the tunnels when it collapses and he is presumed dead, yada yada yada .


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