Review: Evo The First by Kipjo K. Ewers


Publisher: Evo

Publishing Date: September 2013

ISBN: 9780615836690

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.2/5

Publisher Description: Sophia Dennison wanted a normal life. She wanted to raise a family with the love of her life, and further her medical career as an up and coming surgeon in neurology. However, everything changed when she was convicted and sentenced to death for the brutal murder of her husband. After four years on death row, Sophia takes her final walk in the Mountain View Facility in Gatesville and is put to death by lethal injection at 12:00 AM. 

Review: This started out pretty good. Hot chick falsely accused of murdering her husband, some resurrections, super pows and on the run. Then a lot of things start to culminate into this synergistic ‘meh’. 

The first fail was the lengthy unnecessary back story of characters that really had no relevance to the story line. Its used to create this idea of righteous indignation coupled with retribution. For example; an inmate killed her husband because he molested her niece. So we get the whole dam story. Who cares and how is this relevant? Another problem is that the vengeance (bully) scenario is constantly worked into the story line. Sophia punches out wife beaters, family, hecklers, and cops all while delivering her speech of doom and dismay should you not heed her directives. Fug.  She goes from frail death-row damsel to bully-jerk.

The fun doesn’t end as there is a big hole in the plot. Since matter can neither be created or destroyed, how does a 5-6′, 110 lb. woman grow into a 6 foot, 487 lb. juggernaut? I get that she has super man like powers, but where does she get the mass? Additionally there is the idea that some super secret government death squad runs around with patches on their shoulders that identify their group. So much for secrecy. And how do you carve, let alone fit the sentence “Cry out for God to end your life” on someone’s forehead? The grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors are prevalent throughout as is the smug digs at conservatives and Fox news. Again, an author alienating readers with their political platforms.  I have the next installment to wade through. So here’s to limited hope that this story line will improve.


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