Review: Once Humans by Massimo Marino


Publisher: Booktrope

Publishing Date: September 2015

ISBN: 9781513702926

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.3/5

Publisher Description: The last day has come and gone, but the saga continues in Once Human as Massimo Marino continues to explore the future of humanity. When you’re surrounded by peace and plenty, think of a malignant power lurking from the depth of the darkness. 

Review: This was boring with a capital “B”.  Aliens kill off our race but make some humans better than they used to be while leaving the majority as worker bees with no ability to reproduce. Yet somehow Lieutenant Dan is grateful to the aliens for all that they do or maybe it is a sense of morbid acceptance. Either way the story line was not believable. And yes, it kind of has to be plausible for our ordered minds to follow. 

The novel mostly follows the growing development of a “New Race” of humans as they farm, cavort and mince around the hills of Europe. The End. Nah, Dan gets to ride in a spaceship and have halting, innuendo laden conversations with aliens. Oh, and he has powers that are growing so he’s gaining in coolness. The End. No, I kid. Everything is perfect, then a bad race of aliens start destroying their hydroponics but Dan can sense their deep evil and knows when to duck. The End. No, really, Dan can now mind meld and shjt but you don’t know when he is doing it because of all the grammatical errors that run rampant throughout.

Read this while grappling for change in a smelly bar.





One thought on “Review: Once Humans by Massimo Marino

  1. Eh funny review!
    I enjoyed the first book of the series much more than the other two, for sure.
    I take it you won’t be reading the third?

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