Review: The Storm by Virginia Bergen




Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Publishing Date: October 2015

ISBN: 9781492629795

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.2/5

Publisher Description: Ninety-seven percent of the population is dead. And the killer rain keeps falling. Ruby’s not sure she can make it on her own much longer. So when a chance encounter leads her to a camp with the last boy she may ever kiss (it’s not easy to date during an apocalypse), Ruby gratefully accepts the army’s protection.

Review: This was a conflicted novel in review-land. People either loved it or didn’t think it measured up to the first novel. Having not read the first, I thought that while this was superbly written, there did seem to be some disjointed moments throughout the novel where the story line jumped around and was hard to follow. I enjoyed Ruby and her internal musings as much as I liked the world building.

The novel has some fails with regard to water being toxic as it carries bacteria that can kill. What is odd is that those that are not immune somehow survive when water is everywhere and gets into everything. A low relative humidity in the air would carry the bacteria to living hosts as well.  Still some fun was had in the reading.





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