Review: Winell Road by Kate Foster


Publisher: Jet Black

Publishing Date: April 2015

ISBN: 9780994318701

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.5

Publisher Description: Winell Road is the most boring street on Earth and 12 year old Jack Mills is sick to his molars of living there. But when a UFO nearly abducts him outside his home, his life takes a terrifying and mysterious turn. With the help of his new friend and neighbour, frighteningly tall Roxy Fox, Jack discovers there’s a lot more to Winell Road and his life than he’d ever imagined.

Review: A really good YA SciFi adventure novel with a “save the universe” theme commonly found in this genre.  The author does a good job developing compelling characters and the scene descriptions are easily visualized. The pacing/movement is fast enough to keep you interested while advancing the characters personalities. This strains the boundaries of being a complete novel as it was fairly short yet hints at serialization.





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