Review: Sing Down The Stars by L.J. Hatton


Publisher: Skyscape

Publishing Date: October 2015

ISBN: 9781503946569

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.4/5

Publisher Description: When they arrived, they spread across the sky like a sea of jellyfish—silent, unknown, alien. When they left, a year later, it seemed as if nothing had changed. But soon, certain girls were born with peculiar abilities—inhuman abilities. An international commission was formed to investigate…and fear began to spread. Families were swept from their homes and, one by one, any girl that was different disappeared.

Review: Wow, this novel was all over the place, temporally. Penn goes from carnie life to traveling vast distances in an instant while raining down hell fire. It verges on the edge of steampunk with animatrons that are perhaps more than just mechanical to an alien visitation that left an imprint on humanity. 

“So why you no give 5 stars!?” The only fall down was Penn. She has all these powers at her disposal but fails to use them in crucial moments like defending herself. She goes from creating earthquakes, raining down flaming meteors and controlling robotics to getting slapped around, knocked out and placed in bindings by two wardens. Repeatedly.  Really? Major fail there. She also fails to really develop as a character with the movement. She is all spit and vinegar from beginning to end without any real depth. Instances that would impact someone emotionally are evident, but there is no lasting impression as she just moves on and into what concerns her at the moment.  Additionally, although minor, was the lack of logical scene progression in some areas.

What this gives in spades is creative world building and a solid cast of supporting characters. A pretty damn good read.


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