Review: Iron and Ether by August Li


Publisher: DSP

Publishing Date: June 2015

ISBN: 9781632169525

Genre: Fantasy/Gay

Rating: 1.2/5

Publisher Description: Sasha was born to, and has always defined himself by, the secret assassins’ Order of the Crimson Scythe. He chose the love of Yarrow L’Estrella and Duncan Purefroy over his duty to his clan, forfeiting his last mission and allowing Prince Garith to live.

Review: What the description does not reveal is how steeped in gay this novel is. It begins with a demi-god dipping his toes in blood while getting serviced by a man-boy. Fast forward and every sentence is about the three man lovers boinking each other on the road to meet/stop the assassins guild from taking out Sasha. Women are clearly despised as Yarrow lays into a hapless girl who is in an arranged marriage with Duncan. Other epithets are loosely arranged throughout the novel as to the what the gay musketeers feel about the opposite sex.

The prose is a bit stilted and the range of the unexpected that we are supposed to accept verges on the absurd. For example: Gay-Robin has a fight with a goddess, calls her a bitch, releases a lake wurm from bondage (who is now his friend), whom he will ride into battle. Mmmm-k.

Read this while fishing out lice from your hair. 




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