Review: Alice In No Mans Land by James Knapp



Publisher: IBPA

Publishing Date: May 2015

ISBN: 9781511764339

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.5/5

Publisher Description: When her escape pod falls to earth, crashing in Ypsilanti Bloc, privileged seventeen-year-old Alice Walshe is dashed from the wonderland of wealth and prosperity into a ruined, walled city overrun with militias, gangs, and even cannibals. On top of this horror, her younger brother’s escape pod is missing.

Review: An interesting tale from start to finish thanks to the continual movement that somehow failed to develop the characters, fully. Alice, after having been through so much with her Cement-City protectors didn’t develop as a character due to copious amounts of inner-dialogue that questions the nature of her situation amidst political turmoil. Maya and Basilio are great as they embody the movement while growing in depth as the story line moves to a conclusion.

I have to mention one reviewers position on this novel, as it is at once both hilarious and kind of scary as she has some strange militant convictions about fiction. “…..the lack of affirming language and attitude towards female characters in all corners of the book.”. “…to have the main character be referred to as “skank”, “slut” and other debasing sexual terms……..In a way, this hostility, objecifying and sexism suits and exemplifies the “No-man’s land” tone.”  Huh? It’s fiction lady, get over yourself. It is a fact that when societies crumble and there is nothing but a lawless structure; rape, slavery, looting become the norm. Just look at riots today that become a means to loot and rape under the guise of injustice. Additionally, Alice is called skank and slut by another woman.

Despite the feminazi reviewer attempting to purloin a novels intent with her own brand of flakey liberalism, I liked this novel. There were some hiccups with regard to firearm descriptions like a laser light being called a “scope”. At one point her father throws his drink and it shatters, then in the next scene his drink is splashing out onto the carpet at his feet. In another scene, Alice is being held by a gang member and gets backhanded by the head thuggie, Nino. It subsequently spins her around. How does that happen if she is being held? Anyhoo, get this and have a good time as the world building is good and sets up nicely for a series within the walls of Ypsilanti Bloc.





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