Review: Aliens on Holiday by Gillian Bradshaw


Publisher: Bliss

Publishing Date: January 2016

ISBN: 9781940021195

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.1/5

Publisher Description: Shape-shifting and gender-switching alien Shakespeare/Tiva is an undercover cop who dances to resolve personal conflict. Her unwitting partner is fifteen-year-old Alex Marsh. Together, they try to save other worlds from intergalactic Kiaian outlaws who have come to Earth to get weapons they can’t get anywhere else. 

Review: This had a pretty weak premise. Aliens come to earth to trade Ultimace (a drug) for weapons they can’t get anywhere else. Yet these bad aliens have interstellar space travel, a stun weapon that can kill if used in a constant fashion and a disruptor that can also kill. We are supposed to believe that these bad aliens turned something that was well intentioned into something sinister. How the Galactic police keep bad aliens from making weapons when they can make spaceships is something you just have to accept.

I get that this was built for the middle school crowd in order to wash their brains with the “guns are bad and so are drugs” message with an alien twist. While the premise is shaky, the aliens are rendered very well which includes the environment they live in. The supporting cast which is mostly Alex’s’ family didn’t supply anything to the story line other than being a means to travel in France. The movement failed to deliver any depth to the characters as a whole and we were subsequently left with elaborate fight scenes to fill that particular void.

This novel is in serious need of an editor. For some reason the digital copy excludes every instance where either “Fi” is used or “Fl” in a word. So fight becomes ight and fix becomes x and flagrant becomes agrant etc.



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