Review: Heirs of Empire by Evan Currie


Publisher: 47 North

Publishing Date: September 2015

ISBN: 9781503946903

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 1.9/5

Publisher Description: The Scourwind family legacy brought the empire to the height of its power and prosperity and defended it against all enemies. Now one man’s machinations aim to shift the balance of power—with violent and devastating consequences.

Review:  Nice cover art.

Oh boy, we have a super speshul alert! Prince and Princess twinsy Scourdouchewing, Lydia and Brennan. Brennan, that lovable scamp, can fly anything in the air better than the bestest pilot, like in ever. He’s young but can break grown men’s necks if he wants to. See, there’s a trick. Its harder NOT to break their necks than to just kill them. Princess Lydia, or “Lyd” is hotter than a popcorn fart, is “scarily” brilliant and can snap kick your ass to hell in a second. Hate them yet? Oh, you will.

So, one dude named Corian somehow takes a ragtag group of defectors and steals the most secret and devastating attack ship in the world…. Yeahhhh, right. He has lost an eye and a leg so I guess he is now a pirate. Argh?? So then pages and pages of backstory ensue with a lot of command decisions made by super woman, er…..Mira Delsol, one of the Imperial Cadre “…a fighting force unmatched in the empire, lavished with the highest levels of training….and culled from bloodlines that…”. Fug .

What drove this novel into the dirt was not only the smug twins jocularity in the face of danger and the lengthy backstory throughout but the constant phrasing to expedite scene development.  For example. Said: darkly, softly (x 32), tightly, firmly, sarcastically, simply, calmly, amiably, pleasantly, slowly, idly, (to name a few) was so overused that it left scenes flat and under-developed. 

If you could see me I am “Grimacing slightly” while “Growling (x24)”.




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