Review: Down Pinhole by Glenn Cooper


Publisher: Lascaux Media

Publishing Date: July 2015

ISBN: 9781515040842

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.4/5

Publisher Description: DOWN – Pinhole is the first book of an explosive new trilogy by international bestselling author, Glenn Cooper. A cross between DANTE’S INFERNO and GAME OF THRONES, DOWN is part historical thriller and part fantasy-adventure, a thought-provoking, page-turning, epic saga that explores the consequences of evil and transports readers to a world unlike any they have ever experienced. 

Review: I almost shjt canned this novel as the beginning read like another author hoping for a movie deal. Like a well worn script, it was formulaic and tired.  BUT, it gets good, really good. After a collider experiment goes wrong, John Camp goes looking for his hot (of course) Scottish physicist babe in hell. Only, in her place is a serial killer that subsequently escapes to rampage.

The author does a great job pulling pieces of our disparate history together to make a thought provoking read. He just doesn’t throw a bunch of famous people at you to make the story line, but rather utilizes  very good movement to develop the characters as they go from kingdom to kingdom in search of Emily. Hell is mostly ruled by cruel historical despots, but you would expect that in hell. I liked that some of the characters are influenced by John and Emily’s presence, enough to grasp what little humanity they have left. It is a poignant iteration that all may seek redemption in spite of their past actions.

The ending is meh. So much so meh that it lost a star. I guess everyone wants to make a series of novels to capitalize. Avoid the authors website as it looks like a Dan Brown alter where you kneel for the privilege to bathe in the waters of brilliance.




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