Review: Eleanor and the Iron King by Julie Daines


Publisher: Covenant

Publishing Date: August 2015

ISBN: 9781680472370

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.8/5

Publisher Description: Eleanor de Lacy has been bartered: her hand in marriage in exchange for a truce with her father’s sworn enemy. Now the headstrong beauty must leave her ancestral home and the man she secretly loves to become the wife of the infamous Welsh King Brach Goch. 

Review: Eleanor jumps to conclusions based on scant evidence throughout the novel. She blames Brach for killing her brother and raiding her homeland yet can’t resolve her feelings for the King. He’s nice to her and reasonable whereas her father deals in cruelty. So yeah, Eleanor is dumb about most things yet it is this seesawing of emotion coupled with blind insight that gives the novel its depth. 

The movement is really well done and builds the characters in spectacular fashion. Most of the time you are cheering for Eleanor to get a clue and the slow reveal of the Welsh King’s personality is almost maddening. Owain, Anise and Gil are great supporting characters that lend dumbass a hand at pivotal points in the storyline.

I really expected this novel to expand as the world building potential is high. Sadly, this was not intended to be an epic adventure but rather about a woman’s gradual enlightenment. Still, good writing and story telling to be had.



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