Review: Dragonflies by Andy Straka


Publisher: Fountain Hill

Publishing Date: July 2015

ISBN: 9780984843886

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.2/5

Publisher Description: Former Army helicopter pilot Raina Sanchez, grounded after being shot down and desperate to be back in the air, plunges into a brave new world of stealth-killing micro-drones. 

Review: Raina used to fly helicopters and you will be reminded of this, constantly. Between the flashbacks and the pining of her lost foot you will be bludgeoned with her almost otherworldly abilities. She has a hunky SF dude that saved her life in Afghanistan that she has the hots for, and they both just happen to be working for the same shadow organization.

There were some plot holes that were not adequately explained. For instance, Raina gets kidnapped for the second time and they whisk her away. Meanwhile, Tye (lol) is watching this all go down, and suddenly is able to track her to a mobile unit in which she is trying out new tech in order to pass the kill test. Later, the authors try to make sense of this passage in an interlude and fail to resolve anything. So Tye steals a truck where she is being kept (why would he need one if he followed her in something??) and a laughable shootout ensues where Tye shoots people through the neck while driving one handed with a fugging Beretta pistol.

Then we have Major Williamson that always finishes his sentences with “That is on a need to know basis”, or “I have my sources/connections”. Why would Tye and Raina continue to work for someone that wont tell them anything while they are being shot at and abducted? Got me. Well, never fear, Williamson kind of tells them more about the situation they face, and like good little robots they follow him blindly. See, the bad people kidnapped Raina’s brother who hates the military but somehow knows that there are micro drones out there assassinating people. But despite their differences, Raina loves him, well, like a brother. Fug. Really? 

I get that Williamson is Cloak and Daggery and he provides the story line with a slow reveal. Excessive and not too believable? Probably. I get that Tye and Raina are hooked up together in this, but the blind allegiance is laughable. The tech is there (MAV’s) but is never fully described or explained. You just have to accept that the tech is viable. The flashbacks that Raina and Tye have are unnecessary and hinder the flow of the story line. Most of the characters don’t fully develop as expected with the movement, so you don’t come to give a shjt about them. The only thing that develops is Tye’s erection and Raina’s tingling naughty bits.

This lost a star due to the spelling and grammatical errors that plague the novel throughout. Read this at your Grandmas and her 38 cats.



3 thoughts on “Review: Dragonflies by Andy Straka

  1. Sounds like a beginner’s work, though nowadays it’s hard to tell : /

  2. They could be fishing for a movie deal…..

  3. “The only thing that develops is Tye’s erection” :’) *grabs tissues*

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